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Real Estate Agents Get You More Money for Your House!

Let’s be honest. The reason FSBO’s (For Sale By Owner’s) want to sell their house on their own is to gain..what they assume to be the “most profit”. The irony of this is, can it really be the most profit if you low balled your asking price? Hmm?? Think about that for a second! Most people don’t know know the worth of their home. Home value analyst is just one thing that you could have received with a knowledgeable agent. So you think you’ve won, but you’ve actually lost because you’ve listed too low. Ouch! But, Hey don’t fret City Smart Living is here to tell you why and how you can win with an informed agent.

  1. Real Estate Agents do not do anything! FALSE!
    • To the contrary, at City Smart Living we are always working for our clients, every single day. We completely take on the hassle and craziness that can occur when selling a home, so that our clients can relax. Any good agent should provide the same customer service. Nevertheless, as agents we have access to facts, data, and market information that the outside world doesn’t have access to. Similarly, that allows us to market your home accurately and to the appropriate target market.
    • Marketing your home is half the battle. Most FSBO’s don’t promote their homes, they just throw it on Craig’s List and cross their fingers. That’s completely inefficient. I mean that’s like jumping off of a building and hoping you learn how to fly. It just doesn’t work that way. Agents elucidate upon the great qualities of your home, this way buyers can see the beauty of your home the way you do. One snap shot on a smart phone camera just wont do. Would you rather view a low budget film or a marvel studios production? Same thing applies here.
  2. We protect you!
    • The person buying your home will come with a Buyers Agent. They will be on the prowl to get their client the lowest price for your home. Now, calculate the average time a FSBO home is on the market (88 days). The home’s that don’t sell during that time period have to be relisted and can be on the market for several more months. At this point frustration sets in because your’e torn between picking your poison. Do you sell your house for way less than its worth? or Keep it on the market and prolong the process? Yikes! Let’s turn that red light into a green light and hire a real estate agent to be your guard dog by…..
      • Negotiating with the Buyers Agent and fighting for your home, with the expertise behind us to succeed. We have your back when you feel like your back is against the wall.
      • We are EXPERTS IN MONOPOLY! Think about it. Its easy to play monopoly, it isn’t rocket science. However, when you sit down to play with someone who plays everyday,  9x out of 10 you will get demolished because they know all of the tricks and methods to the game. Point is don’t try to play against a pro and get sent to monopoly jail. Hire an expert! Real Estate Agents play the game for you.

People love statistics, data, and numbers so here are some info-graphics on the ways to sell homes. Statistically, the most beneficial way is to get a real estate agent and save yourself the time. Also agents get their clients an average of 19% more on the selling price than FSBO’s do on their own.

You’re Welcome,

City Smart Living 🙂

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